Love Notes for Mods

Haru, The Delivery-Owl*

*Art Credit: @pluviodmitri


Love Notes for Mods is a service that allows you to show some love and appreciation to a fandom mod for all of the hard work they do! Whether that be a zine, a big bang, or even a themed week, there's a lot of work behind the scenes that goes into modding these events, and it's time we showed some of our appreciation for them!

Through our service, you'll be able to send a mod a thank you note + an optional gift that we'll deliver to them on your behalf! You have the option of writing your own note or selecting from a list of pre-written appreciations as well. In addition, we understand that it may be nerve-racking or even awkward for you to reach out directly, so there's an option for you to send your thanks anonymously!

**We are currently looking into getting a team of artists/writers who would be creating mini "gifts" for people to purchase along with their note! If you would be interested in contributing, please be on the lookout for an application period opening up in the next few weeks!
Additional details will be added soon!

The Process

Each thank-you note starts with you filling out a Google Form with some information, including:
-Your Name
-Your Twitter Handle
-The Recipient's Name
-Their Twitter Handle
-Your Note (Custom or Pre-Made)
-Any gift(s) you have for them

Using the information you submit, we'll create a basic thank-you note graphic on the background color you select. From there, we'll either DM your recipient through our Twitter account, or if you prefer, we'll post the thank you note + your gift to our timeline and tag your recipient in the post!

Example Note:

*Individual note designs may vary


Who can we send notes to?
Anyone who is (or was) modding a fandom event who has a Twitter account! Whether that be a zine, a big bang, an exchange, a themed week, etc, anyone who helped mod a fandom event is able to receive a thank you note from us!

Why do you need our information if we're sending a gift anonymously?
We'll be collecting your information in the case that we have questions about your submission or need to contact you for any reason.

What if I want to send a note to a mod team?
That's perfectly fine! Just make sure you specify that it's the entire team on the note, and include the specific project's handle you'd like for us to send your note to!

Can I send a note to a mod for a past event?
Yes, you're more than welcome to! Please know though that some Twitter accounts may no longer be checked so we suggest that you don't send notes/gifts for events that have taken place over a year ago.

Why was my note not sent?
Your note may have had some content that broke our guidelines OR we were unable to contact your recipient. In either case, we will be contacting you to clarify your situation!

When will you send my note?
At minimum, we aim to send notes on a weekly basis!
While we'll be doing our best to send out notes regularly, please know that the mod team (currently just me, Sora!) do have external lives and creating these notes/graphics do take time.

I have another question that wasn't answered here!
Please feel free to dm us on Twitter, send us a CC, or to email us at [email protected]!


Hey! My name is Sora, and I'm the creator of Love Notes for Mods! I've been involved in fandom for over 5 years now, though I started modding about a year ago!
Currently, I'm helping mod a few zines + taking part in them as well!